Green on the Scene

Party on – your kids have found pursuits of their own, and you’re in full swing with your career. Now, how do you find a pot experience that helps you to feel bold enough to be your best self?

Cannabis has different types of families that are generally known for their particular effects. Haze strains are said to be the life-of-the-party, bringing euphoria, high energy and fits of laughter with them.

When approaching strain selection, remember that balance is key. For social circumstances, keep your strain ratios of THC to CBD on an even playing field. THC is what provides the psychoactive effects from cannabis, while CBD is responsible for helping to level out those effects.

Mixing strains of cannabis can be as fun as bringing your long-time friends together, with different strain characteristics blending together to set a carefree mood. Combining a pure sativa-dominant CBD strain with a small amount of a sativa-dominant mid-range THC strain (10-15%) can provide a light, uplifting experience.

There isn’t a one-strain-fits-all experience when it comes to cannabis, because our unique physiology creates different types of outcomes. Experiment with strains on their own and combined, while remaining conscientious of their compounds and qualities – start low and go slow. A high CBD strain, when inhaled, can feel like a heavy load has left your shoulders. The mind quiets and the world slows down. There are no psychoactive effects, so the possibility of paranoia is minimized. When blended with a sativa-dominant strain in small amounts, this feeling of relaxation can be paired with a feeling of euphoria. An appreciation of your surroundings and others around you may ensue.

Socializing with strangers is a different vibe. Being in a crowd of unknown people can definitely induce stress to the point where you may avoid it. Cannabis can help alleviate some of that anxiety, and replace it with the desire to explore and enjoy. Indica-dominant hybrids are perfect for these endeavours, when mixed with your favourite high CBD strain to keep an even keel. The blend gives balance to the experience, and the CBD helps to keep psychoactive effects at bay.

As with any occasion of partaking in a toke or two, keeping track of how strains – whether consumed alone or in a mix – will help you to determine which are best for rest or for play. Jot down some notes at the end of your night so the next time you step out, you’ll be putting your best foot forward.

Story by Katarina Kostovic
Illustration by Elena Boils

The preceding is for informational purposes only. It is not meant to condone the use or consumption of cannabis. For more information, please refer to our disclaimer

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