Weed Word of the Week: Indica

This series is meant to explain the various cannabis-related terms you may have heard. The following is for informational purposes only. It is not meant to condone the use or consumption of the term being defined. For more information, please refer to our disclaimer

Strains known for their super potent effects that make you feel extremely relaxed are commonly categorized as indica strains.

Compared to sativa, indica plants are stout, short and bushy with dense flowers and broad, wide leaves that typically grow best indoors. The compact nugs from the flowers are usually darker shades of green that can incorporate shades of purple so dark that they appear to be almost black, and often have the distinctly pungent, skunky smell most commonly associated with cannabis.

The effects of indica strains are much more sedative than sativas, with deeply tranquilizing characteristics that often make people feel sleepy, calm and serene. As opposed to a “head high,” indicas produce a “body stone” that can make you feel like completely (and happily) unmotivated to do much more than lay back and relax. This is the type of weed most people are thinking about when they refer to “couch lock.” For this reason, it’s often considered best for smoking in the evening or during times when you don’t have any pressing obligations so that you can truly relax into the experience.

Indica strains are also said to help with seizures and spasms, increase appetite and decrease overstimulation and hyperactivity to help you get a good night’s rest if you suffer from insomnia. It’s also excellent for reducing inflammation in the body to help with pain, relaxing achy muscles due to tension, relieving stress and anxiety.

Story by K. Astre

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