Build Your Bud Cart

Picture it: Your pad decked out with design-y furniture pieces that are the envy of your friends. But when they come over, do you offer them a lazily rolled joint filled with chunks of flower, tamped down with parts from a ballpoint pen? Not cool, bud. It’s time to upgrade your gear a la beautiful home bar; with a few key pieces, you’ll have a swish set-up  to brag about.


We’re not talking one you nicked from a bar one drunken night in your 20s. Look to pieces with a trippy vintage appeal. Bonus points for those that have a dual function, like an incense holder.


Speaking of the scented stuff, make an effort in your session to create ambiance (and cover up the cannabis smell). That familiar fragrance from your favourite second-hand store works, but there are plenty of options to appease your olfactory system with notes varying from red currant to spearmint.


Concrete, crystals, metal, glass – the cannabis pipe comes in a variety of materials, and shapes range from minimalistic to totally natural. There are also many modernized options available, too. Crucial elements to consider: If it’s a “classic” pipe design, it should have a choke (a hole that allows you to trap and release smoke as you inhale) and a bowl that can hold a screen or a very small opening at the base of the bowl (so your flower doesn’t get trapped in the pipe, making it harder to smoke from).

The Genius Pipe


It’s always frustrating to be ready for a session and without a source of fire; digging around drawers shouldn’t come with the territory. The solution? A lighter you’ll be proud to keep out in the open, one that’s sleek and sophisticated. You’ll spend more than you would on a convenience store-style, but it will pay off the next time you light up with ease.


Prepare your bud with a grinder for optimal smoking conditions. They come in styles including card (the best if you always like to take your high on the road) or cylinder. These kinds of grinders also have the option of a kief catch, so you don’t miss out on those extra high-inducing crystals.

Simple Society 2-Piece Grinder


Reduce the smell and smokiness of your session with a vaporizer. These high-tech accessories get you lit with little fuss, and most are able to recharge via your computer. Some even come with an app connection, so you can adjust your temperature preferences and more.


This handy item is the key to easily maintaining your smoking accessories. It has sharp and rounded ends for tamping down flower, clearing out the various parts (the bowl, for example) that will collect build-up with use. And, if you’re a dabbing fan, a little scoop goes a long way.

Stash jar

Some herbs are excellent when they’re dried out, like oregano – but not cannabis. Keep your selection of strains in top form with an airtight, odour-proof container made of dark material to ensure it’s not compromised by external light.

Maïtri Karuna Jar

Extra screens

These discs are dynamite for keeping your pipe in working condition, as they cradle your flower and prevent it from dropping into the stem (the long part of the pipe where the smoke travels through to the mouthpiece). Remember to clean/change them regularly!


Story by Odessa Paloma Parker
Illustration by Andrew Watch

Tokyo Smoke does not condone or recommend the illegal consumption of cannabis. For more information, please refer to our disclaimer

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