Fired Up

One of the most versatile and discreet ways to get your ganja on is by cookin’ it up. You can jazz up just about any recipe with weed; first, familiarize yourself with the process of infusion and take note of these pro tips.

Start with a scale
Before you put your chef’s hat on, buy a kitchen scale that measures in grams, says Ali Francis, co-founder of The Baking Supply Co. “Accuracy is key to cooking with cannabis,” she says. After all, add too much of the green stuff to a recipe and you could end up higher you intended. Francis recommends 1 gram of cannabis per 10 servings of whatever it is that you’re making.

Consider your recipe
The cool thing about cooking with cannabis is that the possibilities are basically endless. Francis says that cannabis tastes hoppy to her in a tropical way, so she thinks it pairs well with coconut, lemon, and vanilla. Speaking of vanilla, using this flavour is a great way to mask the grassy taste of bud, says Keena Moffett, author of Cannabis Creations: Beyond the Brownie. She suggests doubling the amount of vanilla extract in a recipe when cooking with cannabis.

While you’re probably familiar with pot brownies and cookies, you can totally go in another direction if you don’t have a sweet tooth. One of Moffett’s current faves is “medicated” mac ‘n cheese. You can also add it to healthier sweets like granola bars and muffins, says Francis, who adds that cannabis tastes particularly good with healthy fats like peanut butter.

Go slow & steady
It’s time to eat! Just don’t down everything you made in one sitting. “My best tip for anyone who hasn’t cooked with cannabis before is to go really slow,” says Moffett. “Eat small portions to start. The last thing you want to happen is to have three brownies and feel uncomfortable.” While one serving should contain 10 mg of THC, try eating half a serving to start to see how you feel, then go from there, says Francis. The onset time for edibles can take up to an hour, so pace yourself for a pleasant experience.

Story by Christina Heiser
Illustration by Elena Boils

The preceding is for informational purposes only. It is not meant to condone the use or consumption of cannabis. For more information, please refer to our disclaimer.

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