Gear Up

Keep It Clean
Just like the other products in your home, cannabis accessories need a little TLC. Whether you are cleaning glass, stoneware or ceramic pieces, keeping your tools clean not only makes each session a smooth one; cleaning also lets you experience all the terpenes and cannabinoids in certain strains more clearly. Check out our easy how-to guide to about bringing your products back to their former glory.

Above & Beyond
Go past the pipe to discover what cannabis consumption methods will fit into your life seamlessly; depending on personal preferences, inhaling cannabis might not be the right for you. If you are looking for pain relief without the high associated with cannabis, CBD oil is an option; applying cannabis topically is known to alleviate pain and inflammation for those looking for localized pain relief in their joints and muscles. Or maybe you want to conceal the smell created by cannabis, and want to learn more about edibles? No one is limited to one consumption method either – it’s all about finding what works best for you.

Build Your Budcart
If you choose to consume in various ways, it’s important to know that each option follows a different path (and every product is unique). From cannabis essentials and grinders that provide a novel smoking experience to vaporizers that have tech capabilities, the experiences are almost limitless.

Session Basics
A session can be so much more than hitting a joint and passing it on, but if you don’t know where to start, don’t worry. Rolling a joint isn’t as tricky as it seems!

Story by Sophie Naprawa
Photo by Mark Olson

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