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Get Schooled
Whether you’re a newcomer or a more seasoned consumer, there’s much to know about the different effects and experiences associated with cannabis. Learn more about how cannabis affects the body and the brain by broadening your understanding of what to expect when consuming.

Knowing the differences between sativa, indica, and hybrid strains will help you better understand how cannabis can fit into your life, whether you are consuming with the intention of calming down or in pursuit of uplifting effects that will boost a workout. Knowledge is power!

Update Your Terms
THC, cannabinoids, decarboxylation: All words that can seem intimidating and confusing if you’ve never come face to face with them before. Level up your cannabis lexicon (and get a handle on the nuances of cannabis consumption) with our story on cannabis names, then take your understanding even higher with our Weed Word of the Week series. It will give you a deeper understanding of things like terpenes, the essential oils that provide strains with their individual smell and taste profiles. And perhaps you’re curious about the difference between the terms “psychoactive” and “intoxicating as they relate to particular cannabinoids?

Go Trend Hunting
Depending on the reasons why you consume, your lifestyle, or even your mood, the ways you choose to consume cannabis can change. Maybe you’re interested in the daily use of cannabis to increase your standard of living; if so, are you in the know about micro-dosing? Or maybe you’re interested in what foods will pair well with your favourite strain? And how much do you know about cannabis ‘mixology’, the method of blending strains for a unique session? As more places begin to legalize pot, the possibilities for personal use will expand, meaning you can tailor your experiences and experiment, too.

Seek The Source
Wondering how cannabis goes from plant to a product you can purchase? As we approach legalization, get rolling with a grasp on the process of cannabis cultivation. You should also brush up on the retail and legalization details for your home province; knowing the framework set by Bill C-45 is important, and each province has determined their own rules, making legalization look a little different across Canada. Empower yourself to consume with confidence.

Finesse Your Flow
Cannabis isn’t about one type of experience, one state of mind, or one kind of lifestyle. The possibility of incorporating cannabis into your routine are really endless. Edibles discreetly add a lift to your day; high sativa strains have been said to elevate a fitness routine; and, CBD  – one of the two key compounds in cannabis  – is giving wellness products new potential.

Story by Sophie Naprawa
Photography by Mark Olson

The preceding is for informational purposes only. It is not meant to condone the use or consumption of cannabis. For more information, please refer to our disclaimer

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